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Artistic Social Media Management


Spectacular Social Media Presence

Managing a first class Facebook™ business page is an art, therefore, we only hire artists! At MediaCity we are passionate about delivering the very best in our field. You can expect daily posts with fresh and eloquently written content,  intelligent and superb quality artistic designs. All original - everyday.

Showcase your brand as the best in your field utilizing MediaCity technology

Facebook™ Posts

Daily, original and current content, and artistic design published on your Facebook

Business Page - completely hands off, so you can do you.

Expedite your social success and deliver measurable results that matter.

Why MediaCity?

Attorneys join MediaCity to get the most prestige social media business presentation, reaching a broader audience than ever with every post, and turning the maximum amount of leads who research your brand online - into clients.


increase in online exposure


Types of daily law content. Real Estate, Personal Injury, and Family Law. Choose your own.

2.45 billion

active on Facebook™ & Instagram


happy clients use MediaCity


potential clients conduct an online search after the first contact with an attorney


wants to have an impressive online presence and reputation.


Be On The Right Side of The Algorithm

The amount of friends and followers who see your posts is determined by Facebook's and Instagram's algorithm.

MediaCity clients enjoy 20X exposure due to our


Always Be The First To Know

Our copywriters have one primary goal in mind; making sure your social media pages represent you as the expert in your field. Daily researching the Law industry's and finding the most interesting and entertaining information, providing valuable information and making sure your audience always have you in mind as the most current and professional attorney they know.


Original Art

The difference in engagement and reaction to our posts comes from our artistic approach. Images to your posts are designed by our artists and give high end look and feel to your brand.


Think you are

Social Smart?

Drive Engagement

Increase Conversions

Knowing that over 90% of leads and potential clients will research your brand prior to becoming a paying client, makes our job quality crucial in your business’s scope. Working with MediaCity dramatically increases conversion rates because of one simple reason - your brand will be superior to your competition. At MediaCity we strive to be the best, and you’re coming with us.

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